Persuasive Agents

The goal of the “Persuasive Agents”-project is to develop novel techniques for persuading the members of a household to save energy. To this purpose teams of psychologists (Eindhoven) and computer scientists (Tilburg) collaborate with Smart Homes, the Dutch Expertise Centre on Home Automation & Smart Living.

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Welcome to this website on persuasive agents

When asked about it most people acknowledge that energy conservation is an important goal on our way to a sustainable society. Together we consume our resources. So, joint contributions are needed to achieve conservation goals. However, for many people it is not easy to address these goals among  the hassles of daily life and among all other goals that people pursue in life. This is where our project aims to contribute by developing novel techniques for persuading and supporting members of households to conserve energy.

Our main goal is supporting consumers to save energy by making this as easy and less intrusive as possible. Specifically, the aim is to develop personalized agents in the form often in virtual form on displays, but sometimes also as robotic interfaces that provide feedback and suggestions in an attractive and non-disturbing way th at is not interfering with daily activities.

To accomplish this goal, multidisciplinary researchers and practitioners have teamed up. This team exists of psychologists (Eindhoven University  of Technology), computer scientists (Tilburg University), and practitionists in smart home environments (Smart Homes Foundation). The research program can be carried  out due to a grant from under the EOS program for Long Term research.

From a theoretical point of view, psychology and technology are integrated to form an effective way of developing persuasive agents. Through extensive research we uncover the mechanism that underlie the persuasive effects of artificial agents that are really promoting conservation behavior. From a more practical viewpoint the to-be-developed techniques will be tested in a realistic environment to test whether techniques k eep their persuasive power in practice.

Our website will provide you with publications in scientific and other outlets and show you demo’s that resulted from our research. If your interest is triggered by this work, please send us an email and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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