Persuasive Agents

The goal of the “Persuasive Agents”-project is to develop novel techniques for persuading the members of a household to save energy. To this purpose teams of psychologists (Eindhoven) and computer scientists (Tilburg) collaborate with Smart Homes, the Dutch Expertise Centre on Home Automation & Smart Living.

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Ing. R.J.G. Pasmans
Smart Homes


Momentarily Richard supervises the technical and integration parts in various European and national research projects on domotics and Telehealth.


Infrastructure Smartest Home in relation to EOS demonstration

Role in project

Smart Homes is the national Dutch Expert Centre for Smart Living. As a nonprofit organization Smart Homes has pioneered in domotic systems since 1993 to date. For the EOS project, Smart Homes provides a platform that functions as a test facility for the project results of its two scientific partners. This platform is a demonstration house which is designed and build to show visitors the possibilities of home automation in a real life environment. This way we try to build a bridge between science and the “real” world. Enabling people to experience technological possibilities is often more effective then telling them about it. Therefore it is perfectly suited to be the testing environment for the EOS project.

Smart Homes also provides insight in the latest technology developments in the areas of monitoring, saving and control of energy in and around the house.