Persuasive Agents

The goal of the “Persuasive Agents”-project is to develop novel techniques for persuading the members of a household to save energy. To this purpose teams of psychologists (Eindhoven) and computer scientists (Tilburg) collaborate with Smart Homes, the Dutch Expertise Centre on Home Automation & Smart Living.

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Cees Midden, Jaap Ham, Maaike Roubroeks and Peter Ruijten are working in the Human-Technology Interaction subdepartment (HTI) at Eindhoven University of Technology. In this subdepartment, theories are tested by means of empirical experiments. Our topics of interest in this project are to optimize the user-agent interaction and to set up persuasive interventions to convince people to conserve energy in their households.

Eric Postma and Ruud Mattheij are working in the Tilburg Centre of Creative Computing (TiCC) at Tilburg University. In this centre, algorithms and models are created based on literature that investigates artificial intelligence. Our topics of interest in this project are to develop models that can identify people in the household, to develop models that can recognize people, and to develop models that can recognize emotions and react to these emotions.

Ad van Berlo, Peter Brils and Richard Pasmans are working at the Smart Home Foundation and own a transportable home environment with the latest technology on home automation (Smart Homes). Our topics of interest in this project are to keep on developing technical ways of energy saving in the household and implement it in the Smart Home, and making the Smart Home available for research ends.